good morning Texts today | good morning today |text my love

good morning text good morning Texts today | good morning today |text my love

Good morning, my love. I hope your day is as wonderful as my life has been after meeting you! Or at least half as wonderful.

Good morning to the sweetest person in the world. 

Thank you for being born, and for all the other things you are without trying.

I need you more than I need my coffee this morning! Not that I’m a needy person, it’s just that you’re an essential part of my life.

Hiiiiii! I can’t let you start your day without telling you how much I love you! Have a great morning!

Mornings are my favourite! Because when I open my eyes, I get to see your kind, loving face. Unless I’m facing the other direction.
Good morning to the love of my life.

I hope it isn’t serious, but my heart skipped a beat the moment I felt you wake up.
Good morning, sweetheart.

I was never a morning person until I found a person who is really worth getting up for. 

Good morning! I just wanna say thank you; every day, you spoil me with your love and your constant acts of kindness. 

I just cannot start my day without first thinking of you. I love you!

Babe, I want to break up. Your morning routine. With this sweet text! Good morning!

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