jokes best - jokes in english funny

jokes best - jokes in english funny

jokes best:
Good corny jokes are hard to find, given that these cheesy jokes are pretty much designed to be, jokes in english funny well, stupid. But, with the right delivery, a corny joke can make kids and adults crack up and actually be funny. jokes in english funny

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Mobile Ka Sab Se Jayada Fayda India Ke Logo Ne Uthaya Hai. Kyunki Ab Bathroom Mein Mombati Le Jane Ki Zaroorat Nahi Padti.

Why can't you trust a guy named Amit? Because he is a myth.

What do you call it when your toothpaste is over? Toothpast.

Why are ghosts not so good at lying? Because the person they are lying to can see right through them.

Which app does Thanos love the most? Snap Chat.

How do we know when a vampire is not sick? They won't be coffin.

What kind of music do balloons hate? Pop.

Why did Nick Fury ask Black Widow to share her location all the time? So that she does not Romanoff.

What do you call it when you are putting together an Avenger's puzzle? Avengers Assemble.

What was Hawkeye's shield made off? Quicksilver.

What can you call the security guards of the Samsung store? Guardians of the Galaxy.

Why do players never feel hot while playing in a stadium? Because they have a lot of fans.

Which is the strongest day? Saturday and Sundays because the others are weekdays.

Why did the bike lose the race against the car? Because he was two tired.

What did my friend do when he could not find his car key? He started talking to the lock because communication is the key.

Why is the keyboard always tired? Because it has two shifts.

Why was the bullet unemployed? Because it was fired.

What do you call a class congested with graphic designers? Graphic jam.

How can you see dreams more clearly? Sleep with your specs on.

What happened to my friend David who lost his ID? He became Dav.

What are asteroids? They are rocks that went to the gym.

What do you get when you differentiate amazon? Amazon prime.

What elements do you need to make a joke? Sulfur, Argon, Calcium, and Samarium or SArCaSm in short.

What did the two tectonic plates say when they bumped into each other? "My Fault, sorry!

How do scientists keep their breath fresh? Experi-mints.

What do astronomers do to plan a birthday party for their friend? They planet.

Who can save the world from asteroids? Papers because paper beats rocks.

What do you call an electrician who has detective quality? Sherlock Ohms.

What happened to the man who forgot to pay his electricity bills?  He was Ohm-less.

What is very odd? Every other number.

Whom can you always count on? Your fingers.

Why did he mind when his teacher called him average? Because that is mean.

Which season do mathematicians enjoy the most? Sum-mer season.

Why did the obtuse angle lose the argument? Because he was not right.

What is a bird's favorite type of math? Owlgebra.

Why should you not trust a statistics teacher? They are always trying to plot something.

Why was the math book crying? He had a lot of problems

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