Texts To Make Him Miss YouRelationship Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

Texts To Make Him Miss YouRelationship Advice for Women by Mat Boggs

Texts To Make Him Miss when thinking about this particular topic, consider what is it that creates the feeling of missing something, what creates the feeling of missing something is the contrast between experiences isn't it is the contrast between having something that you like or enjoy, and then not having that thing that you like or, or you enjoy, it's the contrast that allows you to know one from the other. For instance, the motivation behind why you realize something is huge is on the grounds that you've encountered something that little wink, the explanation you realize something is hot is on the grounds that you've experienced something that's cold. So contrast is key when generating the feeling of missing something. So the first principle here, before I share with you, these three types of texts, the overarching principle to all of this is huge. And that is, let him miss you. in all, in case you're continually messaging the person, there's no respite if there's no space to breathe between the sensation of being with you and not being with you, at that point there's no space to make the sensation of missing you. and she goes, Oh, you should tell them about the fact I dated a guy. 

He texted me five to eight times a day, all the way throughout the day. And I was the one saying, like back off a little bit like, let me miss you. Let me look forward to receiving your texts, because it was just blowing my phone up. So giving your man the opportunity to miss you is the most important overarching principle here. Now, while he's missing you, what are some things that you can text him that can evoke the feeling of missing you, I'm going to share with you three experiences three types of texts that evoke that feeling of missing, and then give you some examples of the types of texts that you can send in each category. So the first category of the type of texts you can send are positive praise. Why? Because all of us as human beings, we feel good when we're praised. We feel good when were celebrated and your man is no different. So here's a few texts that you can send him that will evoke this feeling of positive praise.

I drove by the sea shore where you showed me how to surf. I love how fun you are. You are so damn charming. Just thinking of us putting a smile on my face. Had a great time. Love how chivalrous you are. Men like you are a rare breed.

And don't worry about learning how to spell chivalrous, because as you'd go to type it in your autocorrect will automatically correct it as I found out. Now here's the second type of text that will cause your man to miss you and his thoughtful support. Here's what's distinct and different and awesome about being in a romantic relationship with somebody is that they will remember important things things that matter to you more than friends well. For example, you can send your man something like this.

Good luck with your presentation, you're gonna crush it. Have a blast with your buddies this weekend, make some epic memories, no Steelers,

let me tell you about this last one. And I know that it might seem trite, or it might seem sort of unimportant, or maybe even childish. But let me just say it can be incredibly powerful if your man has a burning passion for his favorite sports team, when you know that his sports team is about to play. And if you can send him a routing text about the team before they actually play. It will interface with that equivalent energy that He has for that group currently associates with you. Let me give you a quick example of a buddy of mine. He called his girlfriend on a Sunday before his favorite team was going to play just to check in they were long distance. And they called her and said, Hey, what are you doing? And she said, 

What do you mean what I'm doing? I'm getting ready for the game. I've got my chips, I've got my drinks, I'm going to I'm going to enjoy the game. I know you're going to watch the game, right? And he goes, Yeah, I'm gonna watch the game. And he was describing to me what this feeling was like for him, he goes, it was amazing. He goes, I felt so connected, that she would remember that my favorite team was playing, and that she took ownership of that and she was going to join me. In that experience. He said, I kid you not, I felt like our relationship went to a whole different level. So if your man has a passion for a sport or something, if you can connect to that passion, it will evoke his feelings of missing you in a big way. And the third type of text that you can send to a guy to evoke that feeling of missing his sexual tension. And this is key because sexual tension is also one of those distinct things that can happen in romantic relationships. So here's a few examples of what you can send to him to ignite that feeling of missing you

These are great examples of sexual tension Tech's that will of course, get his mind thinking about all kinds of fun activities that he's going to get to do with you and drive up that missing factor saying I want my woman here now. So there you have it three types of texts that you can send to evoke the feeling of he's missing you in his life positive praise, thoughtful support and sexual tension. And I would love to hear from you what texts have you sent that caused a man to miss you go ahead and post a comment in the comment section below. And if you want more great texts, and learn how to text guys that you like, I've written a fantastic ebook that breaks down even more principles, and gives you more great text examples. 

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