Master Shiva had a gift on Hanuman - hanuman real photo in himalaya

Master Shiva had a gift on Hanuman
Hanuman : Once in adolescence, when Hanuman ji hurried to eat food considering Suryadev as an organic product, Devaraj Indra assaulted Hanumanji with his most remarkable weapon, Vajra. Ruler Hanuman got discontent with the thunderclap. Seeing this, Pawan Dev turned out to be extremely furious and he prevented the progression of air from everywhere the world. 

There was mayhem in the entire world. People, creatures, fowls, creatures and creatures have all kicked the bucket. At that point the Supreme Father Brahma restored Hanuman by giving his life. Around then all the divine beings offered shelters to Hanumanji. 

Hanuman ji got various kinds of helps, forces and weapons from numerous divine beings and goddesses. Because of these shelters and weapons, Hanuman used to meander in all the locos and once in a while he used to badger the sages and sages as well. Because of his inclination, he was once reviled by the priests of Angira and Bhrigu line to overlook every one of their forces and they ought to know about their forces just when the divine beings got comfortable their hearts remind them. 

hanuman real photo in himalaya

hanuman real photo in himalaya

Help given by Surya Dev: Lord Suryadev gave Lord Hanuman ji a hundredth aspect of his magnificence alongside information on 9 sorts of information, and enabled Lord Hanuman to consider sacred writing, through this force Hanuman ji turned into a decent speaker And there was nobody to liken it in sacred writing. 

Gift of Dharmaraja Yama: Dharmaraja Yama gave an aid to Hanumanji that it would be inconsiderate and solid from my discipline. Yamraj likewise said that Hanumanji will never succumb to Yama's rage. 

Kubera Dev's aid: Kubera Dev gave a shelter to Lord Hanuman ji that Hanuman ji could never confront rout in any war and gave his mace to Hanuman ji as his weapon. Kubera made Hanuman brave with his weapon. 

The help of Lord Shankar: Lord Shankar gave this aid that it will stay in me and my weapons moreover. That is, gave the aid of not biting the dust from any weapon. 

Vishwakarma's help: Devshilpi Vishwakarma gave the shelter that all the weapons that I have made, it will stay vague and it will be a chirnjeevi. 

The shelter of Devraj Indra: Devraj Indra gave an aid to Hanuman ji that after today his thunderclap will likewise be lost. In light of its discontinuity of Hanu by me, it will be named Hanuman. 

Aid of Varun Dev: Varun Dev gave this help that even subsequent to arriving at the age of 1,000,000, this kid won't bite the dust from my circle and water. That is, Varun Dev gave Hanuman ji a shelter to get by for a million years. 

Help of Brahma Dev 

Nobody will have the option to crush Hanuman in fight 

The Supreme Father Brahma gave a help to Hanumanji that this kid will be impregnated with life span, Mahatma and a wide range of brahmands. Nobody will have the option to beat them in fight. Hanuman ji will have the option to take any frame and go any place he needs. Its speed will be as quick or 

slow as it wishes. 

Numerous accounts identified with Hanuman ji are found in the Hindu content Ramayana. Once Hanumanji went to Ravana's royal residence while looking for Mata Sita in Lanka, seeing Ravana's better half Mandodari there, he considered her as Mata Sita and was upbeat, yet after much pondering, Hanuman ji reached this resolution. That in Ravana's royal residence, this lady, outfitted with such adornments, can't be Sita. Even in the wake of looking through a ton in Lanka, when Mother Sita was not found, Hanumanji thought of her as dead, yet then she recollected Lord Shri Ram and again began looking for Sita with full force and discovered Sita in Ashoka Vatika. Sitaji likewise gave a shelter to Hanumanji. Mother Sita has given the shelter of everlasting status to Hanuman ji, so he secures the lovers of Lord Shri Ram in each age. Love of Hanuman ji in Kalyug will give promising outcomes right away.

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